Intercosmo Voila 1kg Dust Free Bleach

Intercosmo Voila 1kg Dust Free Bleach


Intercosmo Voila 1kg Dust Free Bleach

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Product Description

Features and benefits:– Non-Volatile decoloring powder, perfect for decoloring and stripping color
-Lightening Performance of more than 7 levels
-Prevents yellowing with violet pigment
-Minty fragrance
Benefits for Salon
– easy to prepare and quick to apply
– Safe, convenient and easy to apply
– maximum adhesion
Benefits for Client
-low ammonia content
– high lightening performance
– does not alter the hair’s structure.
Directions for Use and Setting Times
1) Apply to dry hair
2) Mix with Voila Creme Peroxide in a ration of 1:2

Setting time (guide only): 30 minutes at room temperature/15 minutes under heat. Application will vary. Consideration for the scalp and hair condition – depth and tone will effect the desired outcome.
Caution: if the scalp and hair is sensitive or fragile, do not apply heat and keep lightening process under careful control.

This item is classified as a dangerous good and will incur a freight surcharge. 


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