Perfect Nails Speed Gel 15ml


Perfect Nails Speed Gel Polish 15ml

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Perfect Nails Speed Gel Polish is a soak off gel polish formulation that is: 
 Solvent free 
 HEMA free  Acrylic acid free 
 Cures to a high shine without a tacky layer – it does not require a base or top coat 

  Why is all this important? 1.  Some gel polish formulas contain volatile solvents just like the ones found in regular nail polish. Each time you remove the cap to apply the product some of this solvent gets lost, usually resulting in the product becoming thicker and more difficult to apply as you use the product up. In some product the last few mls can become unusable, effectively making the product more expensive than what it really seems. A thicker product may also become more prone to chipping, cracking and even incomplete curing. 
Perfect Nails Speed Gel polish is solvent free and the product remains the same consistency from beginning to end. 
2.  Many gel polishes contain HEMA. It’s an acrylate monomer which is plentiful and inexpensive and it cures well in gel polish formulations. Its disadvantage is that it’s often the first of the acrylate monomers to produce an allergic reaction.
 In 2017 more and more nail technicians are becoming allergic to HEMA and suffering painful blisters and intense itching. Perfect Nails Speed Gel Polish is HEMA free to help protect you and your clients from HEMA sensitivity.
 3.  Some gel polishes contain acrylic acid to help produce a better bond between the natural nail and the gel polish. Unfortunately the acrylic acid micro etches the natural nail to achieve this and continual use of base products which contain acrylic acid seems to degrade the health of the client’s natural nails. Perfect Nails Speed Gel Polish is acrylic acid free to help protect the health of your client’s natural nails. 
4.  Perfect Nails Speed Gel Polish does not require the use of a base coat or a top coat and cures fully. There’s no inhibition layer to remove at the end of the service. There is a reason we call it SPEED!   
Using Perfect Nails Speed Gel Polish  
1.  Perfect Nails Speed Gel Polish can be used on natural nails, acrylics and hard gels. 
2.  Shape the nail as required. If applying over acrylic only use a 100grit file. Any grooves in the acrylic surface will be filled by the gel polish and they will help produce better adhesion of the product. If over hard gel the tacky layer can be left in place. 
3.  Remove any dust, if present, and cleanse the nail surface with Perfect Nails SaniPrep Cleanse 
4.  Apply a THIN coating of Perfect Nails Speed Gel Polish and cure (2 minutes under 36W light or 30-60 seconds under LED). Remember to cap the free edge. 
5.  Apply a second coat of colour and cure.
 6.  Apply cuticle oil and the service is complete.  


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