Victoria Beauty Colour Refresher Shampoo – 10 Pc Starter Pack


10 Pre-Selected 40 ml Sachets:

– V52 Copper

-V48 Wine Red

-V46 Cherry

-V42 Aubergine

– V30 Coffee

-V60 Dark Blonde

-V32 Velvet Brown

-V62 Light Blonde

-V63 Platinum Blonde

Images are representative of shades only.


Instructions for use:

Put on the gloves and apply the content into washed and wet hair. Massage till foam appears. Leave on hair for 20 minutes to obtain color lasting 4-5 washes; 45 minutes-8 washes. Rinse your hair well until the water is clear. In the case of gray and bleached hair, the effect of dying may be more intense. Read the precautions on the enclosed leaflet. Dermatologically tested. Store at +5 to +25°C.


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